Five-star reviews from people I have helped in achieving their goals

Zoe - London

I had my first baby in April 2017 and struggled with Diastasis Recti, which I knew very little about. After seeing several physios, I knew what sort of work I had to do to address it, but I was really at a loss to know who to turn to. My sister suggested I get in touch with Gemma, having read a recommendation about her. It was life-changing! I had zero confidence about my body and the shape of my stomach when I met Gemma. She gave me so much support and encouragement to build my strength up and feel like myself again. Gemma works me hard and I saw results quickly. It wasn’t just about how I looked, but also how I felt. I felt strong, had more energy and felt like a better mother for it - I had struggled to lift my baby, walk for long distances and wear slings. All of that changed after starting with Gemma.


I’m now pregnant with my second baby and after my husband, Gemma was the first person I told. She has encouraged me to keep my strength up during my pregnancy which is something I hadn’t focused on first time around and I paid the price for that. I feel completely different as a result. I’m also going into the final stages of this pregnancy knowing that I have a plan of action to get my full strength back after the birth. Gemma genuinely transformed my post-natal experience and I just wish I had found her earlier. It would have saved me so much heart-ache and at times despair about my lack of strength and the way my stomach looked. She genuinely changed my life!

Pip Zing - Wiltshire

Meeting Gemma was the catalyst to some really positive change for me.  I had been struggling to lose weight since having two large babies (but that was 15 years ago!!) and now being peri-menopausal was creating havoc for me on so many different levels.  I was at a crossroads and wanting some real change.  I am not confident with how I look and feel and probably over the years had become a bit depressed about it.  I was a healthy eater I thought - home cooked, organic, local where possible and nutritionally aware.  But I was way overweight and I really needed to shed some kilos. In fact, I needed to shed nearly 10 kilos.

When I met Gemma, she had been running some HIIT classes for my 13 year old daughter - when I came into the room to see what her classes were all about, I ran out and thought 'good grief, not for me, far too noisy, hectic and high energy, it would kill me!'.  BUT I found myself sharing my story with Gemma and she somehow persuaded me to give one of her classes a go, as well as to start a food diary so she could help me identify where I was going wrong with my diet.

Two weeks into the diary, we could see what was going wrong and I was able to switch things around.  I also started to eat her delicious anytime pots for breakfast and was literally amazed that they kept me full until 1pm - I had never had this with any breakfast before and was always hungry around 11am.

I did sign up to a class and guess what.... I LOVED it, which is so weird because I truly thought I would hate them.... but I really, really love them.  Gemma is high energy, motivational, enthusiastic, affirming, encouraging and they only last for 40 minutes which in my book is pretty perfect.

So, three weeks later, I've lost 3 kilos - that's nearly 7lbs, I'm not hungry, my body is changing shape, my mood has improved and I am on a roll to really get to where I want to go.

So, I cannot recommend getting in touch with Gemma enough if you've hit a crossroads with how you feel and you'd like to change things once and for all!

Miranda - London

I have known Gemma for 3 years, she is wonderfully energetic, positive and hard working. When I started training with her she instantly understood exactly what I wanted to get out of my sessions. I have had a lot of neck problems over the years, stemming from an old fracture in my neck, and she has helped me to strengthen and enjoy getting back into shape, using accurate and well planned exercises to help my recovery. Having had children herself, Gemma also understands about mothers and how difficult it can be to get your body back. I had 3 children in 4 years and my body is certainly not as it used to be... but after just a few weeks of training I felt stronger, more toned and more energised.

I generally get bored very easily training, but Gemma keeps the exercises varied and fun. However, be under no illusions, she will make you work hard! But the effects are well worth it.
I really enjoy every session with Gemma, she genuinely cares about your individual needs.

Laura - London

I started seeing Gemma to help strengthen my weak core and back after 2 big babies, and after just a few sessions I both felt and saw a real difference. After years of regular HIIT and cardio exercise, Gemma has re-taught me how to engage my body in the correct way and to exercise more effectively and safely.


Her approach is tailored to my specific needs and is very results driven whilst being positive and encouraging. I highly recommend her classes.”

Rosie - United Kingdom

I started training with Gemma in March 2020 via Zoom. Gemma is an inspirational and incredibly motivational coach. She offers diverse classes to suit your needs and her positive attitude always keeps you going.


I can’t believe how quickly she has changed my level of fitness and body shape in 6 months. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Amanda Maris - United Kingdom

Gemma has, quite literally, kept us all moving during lockdown. Training online with her and a virtual group of friends 4 days a week has become a vital part of my health and fitness routine.  Her cheerful face, infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy turn something which might otherwise feel like a bit of a chore into something genuinely fun.


The classes can be hard work, but being part of a visible group, even if it is a virtual one, having set times for classes and having an instructor who is keeping an eye on your performance, and praising your achievements (?!?) makes working out far more effective than other online classes. I highly recommend Gemma's classes to anyone who wants to keep fit and active from the comfort of their own home! It is hard to find excuses not to do it.

Justyna - Fulham

I came to Gemma as I really needed help with my core and I felt my yoga was not really helping me improve it.  The first thing that I noticed was that by the end of the first lesson, Gemma knew where I needed to improve and identified where my weaknesses were. More importantly she helped ME understand what I needed to do and isolate parts of my body that I had never noticed before! 
Gemma gave me a personalised service and within my first lesson with her I could feel a difference.


I felt I could work on changes and incorporate them into my day in terms of my posture. She is an amazing, inspiring teacher who has been an amazing role model for me!

Laura Miles - United Kingdom

Gemma is a fantastic trainer who will have you reaching heights in your fitness you never thought you could! She is incredibly good at motivating you to turn up, her workouts are always fun and they go by in a flash. She is infectiously energetic and the best advertisement for what she does. Her workouts make me feel energised and strong and I'm sure they boost my mood as well. 
Thank you Gemma!

Sarah Wilkinson - United Kingdom

I have been part of Gemma’s group Zoom PT sessions and seen her on a one-to-one basis each week for over a year.  I can not recommend her enough for her enthusiasm and motivation, which has made fitness fun!  I have really been able to see results in my fitness, strength and the shape of my body very quickly which has really encouraged me to keep going.  Her understanding of her clients' requirements is amazing and she quickly creates a workout to suit you, along with offering helpful advice with diet and nutrition.

Hayley Yeo - United Kingdom

Gemma is really motivational and her workouts are always fun! She really encourages you in all aspects of fitness and health including great recipe ideas and food habits.

Jennie Edwards

Gemma is fantastic, she has supported me through so much change with my body, pre and post children. I wouldn’t be as strong and fit without her. She is amazing!

Georgia Koropouli

If I had one word for Gemma, that is ‘amazing’! I have been training with her for a few years now on different types of workouts - both in one to one and small groups. Her sessions are very dynamic and certainly, with great results. Gemma puts in lots of energy, variety and enthusiasm in each session, and has a great ability to make you try harder and succeed.

Definitely my top favourite PT!

And highly recommended!

Claire McCarthy-Winters

Since starting with Gemma I feel my fitness and strength has become the best it’s ever been. She is highly motivating and seems to be able to get that last bit out of you, that I don’t know about you but I definitely wouldn’t do on my own! She manages this while importantly maintaining my enthusiasm. Gemma is very experienced and definitely knows what her clients want to achieve. Thank you Gemma!!