Strength Training

The benefits of strength training are so much more than just that summer body look! Of course, when combined with the correct nutrition, you can build muscle and lose fat to give you that toned, lean body you've been imagining every time you look in the mirror.

However, regular strength training also has numerous other benefits which may seem less obvious to the eye. The density and strength of your bones will increase, your metabolism will elevate, your mood will improve and your stress levels will drop - exercise is just as good for the mind as it is for the body. It also helps to both prevent injuries and recover from them more quickly.

Ultimately, over time, you will have increased muscle strength and endurance, more energy and you will notice a huge leap in your self-confidence.


Online Group Workouts

Who says online workouts are for lockdowns only? My daily Zoom group workouts are fun, supportive and a great way to have fun and get fit with like-minded people from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


The classes combine a number of activities and training methods to keep you active, entertained and motivated, with Pilates, bodyweight strength training and Interval Training to work your entire body. The workouts are extremely effective and efficient, allowing you to build a lean, strong, healthy body in the most time-effective way possible.


Far more valuable than a generalised online class, I am able to offer exercises tailored to your specific needs as your fitness develops. I do my utmost to keep you motivated and make sure you give each exercise your all, even when you might not feel like doing it!

If you are a little self-conscious and perhaps worry about or feel intimidated by group workouts, these online classes offer the perfect solution - no one else can see you! They are also ideal if you are perhaps short on time or aren't able to leave the house due to childcare, for example - they can watch you or even join in!



Stott Pilates trained and with years of experience in this field, I have a very good knowledge of the fundamentals to movement in the human body and strongly believe Pilates is the foundation on which all other strength is built.


Pilates was the basis to much of my work when I first started out as a personal trainer and is still an integral part of the services I provide. It allows us to build layers of strength to your body throughout your health & fitness journey and, due to the numerous benefits it provides, will also enhance your general day-to-day life. Improvements to your flexibility, posture, balance, muscle strength and stress management are just a few of the benefits of my fun, dynamic Pilates workouts.

I also work alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths to rehabilitate clients following an injury, as well as incorporating Pilates into pre & post-natal exercise.

Reformer Pilates

More Pilates? Yes please.

Reformer Pilates is similar to regular Pilates in that it involves similar movements and exercises and provides the same numerous benefits. However, it incorporates the use of a ‘reformer’ – a platform-like piece of apparatus which makes the exercises a little more challenging...  and rewarding!

Springs and cables provide resistance against your body as it moves, therefore working it harder, thus making you stronger. Reformer Pilates is excellent in building your core strength, flexibility, posture and balance, as well as strengthening and increasing endurance in your arm and leg muscles.

The reformer can also help you target specific muscle groups, making this an ideal exercise when recovering and rehabilitating following an injury.


Nutrition Coaching

Fuelling your body with the correct nutrition is an incredibly important component of your health & fitness journey. The level of your body's performance and recovery is hugely impacted by the food you provide it with.


So, as well as creating an exercise programme for you, we will sit down and build a nutrition plan to go alongside it. We'll look at small changes that can be made to your current diet, working together to achieve your specific goals with a plan tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Whether your goal is fat loss, to boost energy levels, manage your changing hormones or deal with stomach pain and bloating, I have the nutritional solutions for you. I will support you every step of the way in making healthier food choices and reducing those cravings, transforming your body, health and vitality!


I also sell my own Anytime Pots, the ideal high-protein breakfast to kickstart your day.


Pre & Postnatal Exercise

This is an area of my work which resonates with me hugely. Having had two children myself, I literally feel your pain!


Over the past 10 years, I have also worked with many women through different stages of pre and postnatal training, so I have a very clear understanding of how your body feels and what it needs.


We will work together, adapting as we need to, to ensure your body is in the best possible shape for its next challenge or adventure.