This program is about so much more than just losing a few pounds.

Whilst the end goal may be fat loss and improving the shape and appearance of your body, my aim will be to help you improve the way you feel within yourself; more confident, more energised and more connected.


I will be there to offer all the support, motivation and guidance you need in order to achieve your personal goals, whether you need that little push to do the next workout, a bit of advice on your nutrition or a reminder on why you started this program in the first place.


So, what will the six weeks involve?

Introductory Video Call

The first stage of the program will be a video call to say hello, get to know each other a little and go over any questions, concerns or doubts you may have. This may be your first attempt at any kind of fitness program, so it’s completely understandable for you to perhaps feel a little hesitant beforehand. We will discuss three main aspects of the program:

  • Where: the situation you are currently in and why you want it to change.

  • What: the goals you have in mind - what do you want to achieve by the end of the six weeks?

  • How: together, what we will do to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Nutrition Guidance

Many people think that exercising is all you need to do in order to lose excess fat and feel better about yourself. However, your food habits and the way you fuel your body are just as important. The correct nutrition can allow you to exercise better, recover quicker and feel happier.

I will look into your current nutrition and advise you on how we can make changes in order to achieve your goals, without giving you a super strict, boring diet. We will arrange regular check-ins and analyse your food diary, tracking the changes to see their impact on your body and, more importantly, on how you feel.


Weekly Workouts

Here comes the hard work! Yes, your body may ache at times and you might wonder why you’re putting yourself through it, but the rewards will be more than worth it at the end of the six weeks.

We will have weekly one-to-one PT sessions, either in person or online depending on your location, to work on building your strength, increasing your metabolism and giving you a lean muscle mass. These will be bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, because each person is unique in what their body needs and how it functions.


You will also have access to four of my online Zoom classes per week; Quick Cardio Blast, Glutes Legs & Abs, Arms Abs & Cardio and Dynamic Pilates. These are a wonderful way of keeping yourself active, only take 30-40 minutes and can be done from the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home.

All The Support You Need

You won’t be alone for any part of this six-week program. From our initial video call right through the transformation period, I will be there to support you however much or little you need.

My encouragement and support during our one-to-one sessions and the guidance on your nutrition are only the beginning. I will be there to offer you daily support, either on Whatsapp, on the phone or over a coffee if we’re close enough, whenever you have a question or need a helping hand towards achieving your goals.

Programme Breakdown

Phase 1

Getting started! The initial decision to embark on the six-week transformation will be one of the best you make. The workouts will challenge you. Resisting those food cravings will be difficult. But sticking with the process and committing to change is absolutely key in achieving your goals.

Change is difficult, but my support will make it feel a whole lot easier.

Phase 2

The content of the program; the video call, the nutrition planning, the bespoke one-to-one workout sessions, the online training classes, the daily support and, the best part, the improvements you will begin to see in your body and yourself.

Whilst fat loss may be your initial goal, improving your self-confidence, energy levels and the way you feel in yourself will be the ultimate benefits of this program.

Phase 3

At the end of the six weeks, you'll have learned about nutrition and new ways of fuelling your body, whilst feeling stronger, more confident, more energetic, more connected and generally better within yourself. 

However, the end of the six weeks doesn't signal the end of my support. I would love to continue our relationship, to build on the gains and successes so far and to set new goals to achieve.

Meeting Gemma was the catalyst to some really positive change for me.  I had been struggling to lose weight since having two large babies (but that was 15 years ago!!) and now being peri-menopausal was creating havoc for me on so many different levels.  I was at a crossroads and wanting some real change.  I am not confident with how I look and feel and probably over the years had become a bit depressed about it.  I was a healthy eater I thought - home cooked, organic, local where possible and nutritionally aware.  But I was way overweight and I really needed to shed some kilos. In fact, I needed to shed nearly 10 kilos.

When I met Gemma, she had been running some HIIT classes for my 13 year old daughter - when I came into the room to see what her classes were all about, I ran out and thought 'good grief, not for me, far too noisy, hectic and high energy, it would kill me!'.  BUT I found myself sharing my story with Gemma and she somehow persuaded me to give one of her classes a go, as well as to start a food diary so she could help me identify where I was going wrong with my diet.

Two weeks into the diary, we could see what was going wrong and I was able to switch things around.  I also started to eat her delicious anytime pots for breakfast and was literally amazed that they kept me full until 1pm - I had never had this with any breakfast before and was always hungry around 11am.

I did sign up to a class and guess what.... I LOVED it, which is so weird because I truly thought I would hate them.... but I really, really love them.  Gemma is high energy, motivational, enthusiastic, affirming, encouraging and they only last for 40 minutes which in my book is pretty perfect.

So, three weeks later, I've lost 3 kilos - that's nearly 7lbs, I'm not hungry, my body is changing shape, my mood has improved and I am on a roll to really get to where I want to go.

So, I cannot recommend getting in touch with Gemma enough if you've hit a crossroads with how you feel and you'd like to change things once and for all!

Pip Zing

This 6 week package contains

Introductory video call

4 x Live Online Workouts Every Week

Feeling more energised

Nutrition guidance

Daily help & support

Increased strength

Weekly 1-2-1 sessions

Fat loss

Improved self-confidence



If you think you're ready to begin your 6-week transformation, or perhaps just want to find out a little bit more information first, please get in touch using the form below.

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